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  • Drop auba and salah and get SIF mahrez he is fantastic and at striker get aguero he has been amazing for me 72 goals in 65 games for me
  • Second team imo
  • Can’t link this here but my idea is 4-3-3 LW- Promes ST-SB Depay RW- FFS Lozano Left CM-Red Modric CAM Strootman Right cm- IF donny Van Beek Right back SBC Dumfries Right CB any IF Daley blind and for the left side of defense I…
  • What kind of budget do you have?
  • Rebic Europa league card is insane and so is the FFS Davies and Joelinton
  • One suggestion I would make is drop niangolan for Fabinho as this will benefit costa the same plus he is better and I would want to have fb ibra on higher Chem you can do this by adding an icon in to boost his chem if you have the budget henrik Lars…
  • If you don’t have players to cash in for the sbcs I wouldn’t do him as I feel he is a little underwhelming to be honest.
    in Nesta Comment by Danielc7 February 2019
  • Hi, I got Sif reus last night and use him In a 4-3-3 play him behind europa league rebic he is very good for the first say 75 mins then he drops off however his shooting and playmaking ability is top class way better than any other CAM in the league.
  • > @edhoyp said: > who actually buy these cards anyway? I do not have a clue my friend but I would say it’s very disrespectful to try and turn a profit from a tragedy.
  • Hey man depending on what kind of team you have I will give a few suggestions. If you are just looking for one player I would recommend aguero has been fantastic for me if you are not looking for a striker you can’t go wrong with VVD. At the minute …