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  • ProcopiFC

    I'm writing here because I don't want to choke an entire post with our replies. I'm not dodging or hiding trying to seem better, you want my Instagram so you can see my life? No problem about that. I'm thinking of what you life can be actually, very depressing I suppose... sorry for you. At least don't take too serious a debate on a Futbin forum, because if so I can only imagine how you do things in your life

    June 27
    • ProcopiFC
      Plus you are very incoherent because first you say that you take life serious because it is bla bla
      And then you wish me death and depression like a crying baby
    • ihatetay
      Hey there little fella.

      Why are you so serious all of a sudden now?

      Again you make your own interpretations of things even though clearly they are not as you think they are.
      I did not wish anything upon you merely suggested that those 2 things most likely will/are happening. My analysis from what i have seen.

      I have no care for your life, you brought it up cause you get offended by people helping others and criticism.

      I can see you are genuinely offended and i hope you dont go onto wasting your life on pointless stuff. Instead show care and love to your fellow humans in real life.

      I am never serious in life as we are merely nothing in the vastness of this universe. Our acts mean nothing but for an ego they mean everything.

      You cant expect to not get violated if you are violating yourself. I have no problem with arguing if someone starts to argue about something. If you have not realised by my exaggerated posts that it all goes back to your first post. It is as useless as your first post, you obviously dont realise that as you are taking things too seriously from the beginning. If you werent you would have been able to reply to me with same exaggeration and take it to a level outside of the toilet bowl.

      But you did not...so tell me who is actually taking things far too seriously?

      I hope you see the point i made here. I have nothing against you personally and never will. I never wish harm upon anyone apart from terrorists like Israel and governments around the world of similar terrorist actions against people.

      Take care.